FryeCare Cardiology Associates - Hickory

patients improving their heart health with yoga

FryeCare Cardiology Associates offers patient care through treatments and helpful resources for an array of heart and vascular conditions.

Our board-certified physicians and experienced staff believe in helping patients gain a better understanding of their current heart health and providing the treatment for heart disease.

In addition to providing a range of services and resources including testing, monitoring, and therapies, we offer guidance to help patients learn how to prevent disease through healthy lifestyle choices.

The Frye Regional Heart Center is the first Duke Health heart affiliate in western North Carolina. Backed by the resources of the Duke Heart Center, Frye Regional has access to the most current Duke training and staff education, evidence-based guidelines and practices when it comes to heart and heart-related issues.

FryeCare Cardiology Associates - Hickory

1771 Tate Blvd SE, #201
Hickory, NC 28602

Phone: 828.324.4804

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