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Is Your Child Ready For A New Sports Season?

Take Preventative Measures To Help Prevent the Long Term Effects of Sports Concussions

Concussion awareness is the first line of defense against the long term effects of concussions. FryeCare Sports Medicine and Concussion Clinic offers an innovative program called ImPACT Testing designed to help trained healthcare professionals better manage concussions sustained by athletes.

Consider scheduling an Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) test to get a baseline of your child’s neurocognitive performance. This helps to assess a head injury against a child’s normal cognitive function to provide effective treatment.

What is ImPact Testing?

  • ImPACT (Immediate post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing)
  • ImPACT is a tool that can be used by a trained healthcare professional to evaluate the severity of the head injury and monitor the athlete’s recovery from that injury
  • Non-invasive 20-minute computerized, online test for ages 12-59
  • Used in many professional, collegiate, and high school sports programs across the country
  • Given to athletes before beginning contact sport practice or competition
  • Tracks information such as memory, reaction time, speed, and concentration
  • ImPACT is not an IQ test

The cost of the test is $30. If you have further questions regarding this program or you would like to establish a baseline, please call FryeCare Sports Medicine and Concussion Clinic at (828) 485-3004.